Our extensive history of constructing projects for the telecommunications industry has made us uniquely qualified for the construction of highly technical and mission critical projects.  We at Howell pride ourselves in always providing the best performance on complex projects where the costs of failure are high.

Our staff is heavily involved in the industries we support so we stay in front of the trends and technology in these constantly evolving markets. What we learn from our involvement prepares us to provide cutting edge solutions for our clients and quite often Howell is involved from project inception because of the ideas we provide.

Another thing that makes Howell different is that we first invest the time to understand our high tech client’s operations in depth. Only after we have done our homework, purchase do we create a tailored plan for construction that ensures your objectives are met in every way without causing any adverse impacts to your processes. We don’t miss the little things that can impact your business.

Experience / Associations
  • Data Centers
  • Aerospace
  • SCIF
  • Network Operation Centers
  • Call Centers
  • Storage & Distribution Centers
  • Complex M/E Projects
  • Electronics Lab
  • Telecom Central Office
  • Energy Upgrade Retrofits
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverage Production

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