Lobby & Meeting Rooms Renovation

Howell Construction recently completed The Ritz Carlton Lobby and Plaza Level Meeting Rooms Renovation in Downtown Denver. The 20,000 square-foot renovation complimented the recent upgrades to the guest rooms, suites, club lounge, salon, spa, and fitness center. When approached with this project, Howell was excited to accept the challenge of renovating a fully operational hotel in such a short timeframe (just under 2 months). With the renovation’s short timeframe and scheduling constraints, Howell knew that extensive planning and precise sequencing were required. Most of the pre-project planning time was spent learning in detail the hotel’s operations and determining how to complete each aspect of the project with minimal disruption to staff and, most importantly, The Ritz Carlton’s guests. In this regard, Howell’s team saw themselves as an extension of the The Ritz hospitality effort.

The lobby renovation specifics included decorative light fixture installation, painting ceilings/walls, new electrical outlets, new acoustical wall coverings, new stone flooring and coordination with the owner’s vendors and operations. Howell created a new lobby lounge in an existing un-used space that became an extension to the elevator lobby. The meeting rooms included the reconfiguration of two wide doors and entries, new acoustical wall coverings, grand staircase refurbishment, new decorative chandeliers, new flooring and a new lighting control system. Howell is extremely proud of our work on this project and having the opportunity to take part in The Ritz experience. 




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